Alternative Energy

Micro Hydro

Environmentally friendly and capable of meeting the needs of small communities, Micro Hydro installations are a viable alternative to oil, natural gas or coal. The Ministry of Mining and Energy and local government have been actively working on the development of micro hydro. PLN (State Electricity Company) are pioneers in this field. Emerald Ocean Nusantara have constructed and installed Micro Hydro systems (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Air) in various regencies of Papua.

  • Moanemani – Dogiyai
  • Sugapa/Bilogai – Intan Jaya
  • Warmarwai – District of Tanah Rubuh, Manokwari
  • Urwong – Distrik of Hink, Manokwari
  • Kaimana

Our highly skilled team are ready to assist you with implementing your Micro Hydro project.